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Baby Coccola is a real help for mothers to wash your baby easily. It helps you wash your baby is now as simple as washing your hands, so you can easily rinse your baby's face, hands , private parts, fronts and rear. No more dangerous position for baby's joints and mum's back. More safe, simpler, more comfortable

Key Features:

-It can be used in any type of pedestal, mounted or suspended washbasin.

- Fully supports completely the weight of the baby.

- Can hang Baby Coccola on the washbasin or on the towel rack.

- It's not bulky and always ready to be used.

- Recommended for baby from 6 months to 3 years olds

- D.I.Y Type Product

Packaging Dimension:

Height = 48 cm

Width = 32 cm

Length = 16 cm

Weight = 0.85 kgs

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