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SB 137K-B
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This easily adjustable chair can prevent the harmful effects of poor posture and providing the maximum amount of comfort and posture support for your kids. The chair's adjustable height makes all the difference in providing support as your kids grow.

Key Features:

- Seat and backrest are both adjustable.

- Flexible top handles allows for easy lifting.

- The knob with sectional adjustment of the upward / downward movement of backrest.

- Adjustable of seat upward / downward movement by little adorable handle.

- The chair has auto braking effect once kids sit in the chair. (Weight capability must be 10kgs above)

- Recommended use: for children ages 6 to 12 years old.

- Recommended combined with Ergo Study Desk or Study Desk

- D.I.Y Type Product


Height = 80cm to 92cm

Width = 46 cm

Depth = 49cm to 52cm

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