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NB 201G-03
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Little Artist Set has been designed to help children adopt proper posture when seated. The rounded corners and soft edges make it safe. The desktop able to tilt up to 40° to provide not only optimum desk to eyesight ratio but to further providing an excellent and less stressful study posture.

Key Features:

-Non reflection surface helps protect child's eye.

- Desk can be adjusted between 54cm and 74cm high

- Compartment plastic drawer helps to organise books and stationary

- Desktop tilt from 0° ~40°

- Seat height can be adjusted between 32cm to 42cm

- Chair with ventilation provides goods air circulation

- Recommended use: for children ages 3 to 10 years old.

- D.I.Y Type Product


Height = 54cm to 76cm

Width = 66.4 cm

Depth = 47.4cm

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